Sécurité WIFI

This WiFi security training addresses WiFi technology by detailing the various elements that make it up, the various security solutions as well as their weaknesses and the attacks targeting them. It is based on a lecture punctuated by demonstrations and exercises allowing to put into practice the different aspects seen in class, and at the end of this training, a practical case of installation of a secure Wi-Fi architecture.




Security managers, IT, network and telecom managers


Prior knowledge of TCP / IP networks and protocols is recommended.


Acquire a global understanding of how a Wi-Fi network works, understand the risks and security methods.


Training available remotely

Detailled program

General information on wireless networks

  • Technologies
  • Standards
  • Material (components)
  • Security issues
  • - Media properties
  • - Denied service

802.11 - Principles

  • Channels and frequencies[/li
  • Architectural elements[/li
  • Services[/li
  • Frames[/li

Features of WiFi technology

  • Physical
  • Antenna and environment
  • Range of wireless networks
  • Positioning in architecture

Attacks on WiFi technology - Overview

  • Attack on 802.11
  • Interference
  • Jamming example
  • Terminal spoofing
  • Message flood
  • Wi-fishing
  • Audit and tools
  • - Scanners (active / passive)


  • Principle
  • Weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Attacks


  • Introduction
  • Principle
  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Radius
  • EAP, TLS, PEAP, etc.


  • Principle
  • Different standards and configurations
  • Weaknesses
  • Attacks

WiFi network management

  • Managing your WiFi networks: The different players and their roles
  • The intrinsic safety of the terminals
  • Correctly architect your WiFi networks
  • Authenticate WLAN users

Implementation of a secure WiFi architecture

  • Issues
  • Examples of architectures
  • Recommendations
  • - PEAP / MSCHAPv2 - EAP / TLS
  • - Partitioning
  • - Configuration of client stations
  • - Centralized configuration of equipment

Sécurité WIFI

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