Git is a distribute version control tool used for many major projects (the most famous open source project build upon Git is the Linux Kernel). Git was written to support the development of the Linux kernel. It is now one of the corner stone tools for major distributed software development.

Git is often the central tool of any CI/CD software factory.




  • The very first and main target audience are the developers.
  • System administrators
  • "Ops"
  • DBA or anybody involved in Dataware houses


There are no formal requirements. People attending the course should be IT minded & preferably have some knowledge of Command-line (Unix/Linux). This is however NOT required.

  • To follow efficiently the training, it is better to have some knowledge of Linux/Unix (though, not mandatory)
  • It is often best when people bring their own laptop (so students return with all the information on their systems). If on Windows, it is recommended to install the "full" cmder which includes Git.


  • Understand the concept of decentralized version control..
  • Understand the concept of Git.
  • Use the command line interface.
  • Collaborate between colleague and/or different teams over a same code baseline.
  • Manage several developments in parallel.
  • Understand the role & position of Git in a modern CI/CD DevOps environment


    We can give a 2 hours "management summary" for the de Manager or C-levels.

    Detailled program

    The Git training will give the Devs & Ops a mean to collaborate & archive their code. All the interaction around code development & sharing will be seen : hosting, branching , conflict resolution, automation, ….

    More than the useful commands, attendees will learn the basic principals to follow when using Git.


    Build around a mix of theory & practice, the trainer will explain some fundamentals which are followed by practice. Depending on the experience of the group & the targets set.


    The detailed table of content must be discussed to ensure that we do not over commit in one day.


    • There is a maximum of 8 persons per session .
    • There are numerous Git variations (GitHub & GitLab are 2 famous one, but there are tens of those : Codebase, Codeberg, Beanstalk, SourceForge, PikaCode, …). It is therefore important to see how
    • There a no Git certification.
    • There is an attendance certificate.
    • Training can be provided in French or English.


    Interrested by this training ? Please contact us for more details.