ISO-27001 Introduction

The Introductory Training to the ISO)IEC 27.001 will allow you to capture the main concepts towards an ISMS (Information Security Management System).

When taking part to this introductory training to the standard, you will understand the importance of a ISO/IEC 27001 training but also the advantages that an Organisation can take out of a such Management system.




  • Any member of the organisation interested or involved in the Information Security.
  • Any person will to gain a grasp of the main process to manage the Information Security.


It is not necessary to have read the standard (ISO-27.001) or some of its derivatives (ISO-27000 on the vocabulary).


  • To know the concepts, mechanism & methodologies that will allow you to implement an ISMS
  • Understand the core / fundamental elements of a ISMS.


  • A 100+ pages manual, including some exercices.
  • An attendance certificate worth 7 DPC will be delivered at the end of the training.

Detailled program


  • Prerequisite : Attendee should have read the Standard ISO-27001 ! This is not Mandatory but makes the understanding easier.
  • Duration : 1 day
  • Requirement : Have your own copy of the standard.
  • Other : Students should have a copy (and have read) of the other standards of ISO-27xxx the familly.
    • ISO-27000 : to ensure a common Vocabulary;
    • ISO-27001 : to have a common approach of Cyber Security;
    • ISO-27002 : to have a list of common measures
    The reselling policy of the ISO-standards does not allow us to buy those for you. Please bring your own.

ISO-27001 Introduction

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