CISM - Certified Information Security Management

This CISM training (Certified Information Security Manager) gives you in 4 days, all the necessay competences for successfull pass you CISM exam.




  • IT manager
  • IT security manager
  • Compliance manager


It is easier when participant have at least 5 years of IT / IT project management experience. To be fully certified, it is required to have a proven track record of 5 years in IT security over the last 10 years.


At the end of the training, the participant will be capable of :

  • Show & meet the required competences according to international standards.
  • Master the vocabulary & the basic principles.
  • Understand & show the required squills to pass the exam


Training is planned on 4 days, the 5th day is reserved for the exam. Beware that it is not always possible to pass the exam, on the last day !

Successfull participant will receive up to 16 CPE (for other certifications).

Detailled program

General information

This CISM training targets to become an ISACA Certified CISM over a 5 days period.

CISM (Certified Information System Manager) is the only worldwaide acclaimed & recognized certification covering governance, Audit & Control of the IT systems. The reputation comes from its high expectation of the successfull examinee and it is acclaimed across the world. At is it is build upon COBIT, the student will also have a good understanding of COBIT at the end of the training.


ISACA defines four CISM domains on which you will be examined:

  • Domain 1 : Information Security Governance (24% of exam)
  • Domain 2 : Information Risk Management (30% of exam)
  • Domain 3 : Information Security Program Development and Management (27% of exam)
  • Domain 4 : Information Security Incident Management (19% of exam)

CISM - Certified Information Security Management

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